Why Use Wall Liners?

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Interior/Exterior Damage

In the daily use of a cargo vehicle there is many factors that can cause damage inside the vehicle. There are people carelessly throwing objects in the back, loose cargo sliding around and falling, and people working in the back accidently bumping things against the walls. A recent customer told Legend that he put two nasty dents into the side of his vehicle within the first week of owning his brand new van. These dents cause the paint to crack and flake off on the exterior of the vehicle, lead to rusting and oxidization of the metal, and can ruin any graphics that may be on the side of the van.

Road Noise

The thin outer steel panels of a cargo vehicle are getting thinner by the year, and do very little in the way of reducing road noise. With the noise of the tires on the road, the creaking of the traveling vehicle, and sound of rocks or other debris flying up and hitting the vehicle, it can be quite irritating for the driver.

Temperature Control

The temperature in a cargo vehicle is often hard to keep stable. With just the bare metal panels in the back it is hard to trap the air to hold the temperature steady resulting in being too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. This can lead to problems with your cargo such as freezing or melting.


The answer to all these problems is by putting an interior liner inside the van. A liner that offers an air-gap type barrier will increase the usability of your vehicle three-fold. The liner will protect the panels of the van from dents and dings that are costly to fix, create a much tighter air pocket inside the vehicle which will result in better insulation and noise reduction, and make a vast difference in the aesthetic appearance of the interior of the vehicle. A cellular or hollow core panel results in better insulation and noise reduction as there is there is air trapped inside the panel that acts as a barrier. Not only that, a cellular panel is more lightweight for increased fuel efficiency.

Legend Fleet Solutions

Legend Fleet Solutions provides both wall and ceiling liners for virtually all cargo vehicle makes and configurations. With the influx of many new models of cargo vehicles on the market, many companies are struggling to develop products to keep up to the changing styles. Legend has been first to market with products for many of the new models and is striving to continue to do so. The panel Legend offers is a double skinned cellular panel that meets and exceeds industry standards.

For more information, contact one of our dealers or the team at Legend @ 519-688-1043 or contact us here today.