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Van Rubber Floor with Selves

Automat-Bar Pre-Cut Rubber Vehicle Mat Automat-Bar Pre-Cut Rubber Vehicle Mat    

Automat-Bar Rubber Flooring

Auto-Bar rubber flooring consists of a durable 1/4″ thick virgin rubber compound with checker-plate bar top surface.

Its ultra-non-slip rubber is hardwearing and easy to clean for reduced required maintenance. Flexibility and precision one-piece construction for this flooring make for simple installation/removal so that our customers can focus on the task at hand. This flooring also excels where chemicals are used as it is resistant to reactions. If you have fragile and bulky equipment that requires increased traction in the van, this flooring is perfect for you.

Auto-Bar rubber flooring can be added to any vehicle where extra traction and safety is needed so that your equipment is safe back there.


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