Transit Doorway Thresholds for Cargo Van Interior Protection

Sills made especially to take the place of the factory thresholds. 

Made from quality 14 gauge steel and coated with durable non-slip coating, these door thresholds are much more durable and cost effective than the factory alternatives.

Whether you are replacing the factory thresholds or simply wanting to closeout the doorwell with sills (if your Transit came without them), these are the perfect solution.

Works for all Transit configurations to finish off the doorways and offer high-quality cargo van interior protection.


Available in Black Steel and Yellow Steel. Custom colours are available for fleets upon request. 

Full side sill with step only available in yellow; black comes as a partial threshold plate as shown in the first photo. 


See why coloured steel door sills can provide maximized cargo van interior protection and safekeep areas with the highest traffic:

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SKU: Black Set: 709-151-1011; Yellow Set: 709-151-1018

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