New Products 2020 | Legend Fleet

Take a look at some of the new products we will be launching this year. Please get in touch if you'd like more information!

New products2

These steel grab-handles are coated with a textured powder coat for extreme grip and high visibility. Operators with wet gloves, for example, can easily get up inside the van with utmost safety. Note: colour can be customized for fleet branding! 

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New products

These steel treadplates take operator safety to the next level. Both high-visibility and extremely grippy, operators can enter in at the side of the van with extra caution. Note: colour can be customized for fleet branding!

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wheel well covers now available

Protect the area that is the first prone to damage. A layer of insulation helps significantly reduce road noise. Currently available for Transit, ProMaster, and Sprinter. Learn more here.

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