How we benefit the Upfitters...

When it comes to interior protection products, Legend Fleet Solutions can help Upfitters save time and money and give their customer perfect fitting products.

Problems Upfitters face

Many Upfitters run a tight schedule and are trying to upfit as many vehicles a day as possible.  Every customer seems to want their van outfitted “right now”.  Time is often wasted fabricating panels or floors to protect the interior of the van.  Not only does this process take up valuable time that could be used outfitting vehicles, but it also creates a mess.  As we all know mess will then have to be cleaned up; scrap removed, tools put away, floors swept, and any excess material and templates placed in storage – and all this time still has not contributed to the actual outfitting of the vehicle. On top of all the wasted time, the panels themselves can have crooked lines, incorrect contours, and holes in the wrong location which makes for longer, more difficult installations.  These issues along with low quality materials can lead to a cheap, haphazard looking outfit that will not leave a good taste with the customer.

First Impression

A first impression always goes a long way.  A perfect fit and a clean finished look is and easy way to get customers approval of your work.  When a panel is fitted incorrectly and looks cheap in quality customers will often disapprove of the whole upfit without actually examining everything.  This is why it is important to have quality looking and fitting products that will impress your customer the second they see them.

How Legend Fleet takes you to the next level

Legend Fleet Solutions provides products that are precision cut on CNC machines and uses 3D CAD technology to ensure perfect fitting products.  These products come into the outfitters facility ready to be installed right into the vehicle with a simple hassle free installation saving them time and money.  The quality and fit of Legend products are sure to wow the customer right away, impressing them with the quality of the outfitters service.  Legend continues to lead the industry developing and innovating products to help the outfitter be more efficient.